Privacy Policy

The protection of your information is important to us. Therefore, we have formulated this policy to describe the information we collect about you, its use, and the security measures put in place to prevent unauthorized access.

Information Collected at Registration

When you register as a member of TOP BARGAIN, you must provide us with certain personal information: surname, first name, e-mail address, place of consultation, and postal code. Other information remains optional.

The indication of your place of consultation and postal code allows our system to calculate the distance between you and the product you are consulting. By default, our system will reflect the location you have listed on your profile, but you can change it anytime.

This information is used to constitute your member file and offer you services relating to the placement and consultation of advertisements. We also use this information to send you notices, messages, or information that can optimize the quality of your visits to our site (confirmation of publication, renewal, promotions, information on our new services, etc.).

The personal information collected is only used for the abovementioned purposes and is not disclosed to third parties unless we are required to do so by law. This information is not visible on the site to other users.

Information entered when adding an ad.

When you add an ad online, the following personal information is requested so other site users can contact you: surname, first name, telephone number, and place of consultation.

This information is accessible on the site by other users of TOP BARGAIN. You are, therefore, responsible for the content of the information you disclose while adding an ad.

Under no circumstances does TOP BARGAIN provide any information other than that which you indicate in your ad. If the contact details you entered are incorrect, or your ad is no longer active on the site, and a user tries to reach you, we will not provide him with any other information because of this policy unless compelled by the law.

Credit card payments are managed by PayPal, an independent institution recognized for its online secure payment services. As soon as you confirm this payment method, you access their environment. The information you will have to provide is your last name, first name, e-mail, civic address, and credit card number. This information will allow the purchase authorization to be carried out.

This particularly sensitive type of information, such as your credit card number, is encrypted and highly protected during transmission.

This data collection and protection process is managed entirely by PayPal and Stripe.

 TOP BARGAIN has neither knowledge nor keeps credit card numbers on our servers. TOP BARGAIN cannot therefore be held responsible if certain information is intercepted. You can visit PayPal's website to learn about the information protection measures offered by them.

Limitation of Use, Retention, and Disclosure

TOP BARGAIN only uses the information you provide for the sole purpose for which a user has given his consent.

We do not sell or otherwise transmit the information collected about you to third parties.

However, we could be compelled by law to provide information on your advertisement or your file as a member if the information you registered on the site is false, inaccurate, or illegal or if the transaction was not concluded according to the legal rules. You are, therefore, responsible for the content of the information you disclose when using this site.

We are not responsible for the information you decide to provide to one or other of our partner sites or during your exchanges with another site user.

The user acknowledges that TOP BARGAIN does not research the solvency of the members (buyers or sellers), their legal situation, or their capacity to follow up on their commitments.

Despite all our efforts to preserve the confidentiality of your personal information, third parties could, however, unlawfully intercept the information conveyed on our site. We cannot be held responsible for any use or disclosure of information beyond our reasonable control.